My name is Laurențiu Mihai and I want to welcome you in the community of people who wants to know more about money.

FinancialDiscussions.com was born on 24 May 2018 following an experience with a financial education blog in Romania that reached over 150,000 visitors each month (laurentiumihai.ro).

I am writing about financial educations since 2012 and I am doing this with passion and devotion.

In 2018 I have decided to write in English as well in order to reach as many people as possible worldwide, people interested in managing their own finances better.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and online marketing.

My achievements so far are the following:

  • Financial education blogger since 2012 with more than 700 articles;
  • Development of a digital marketing agency more than 6 years of experience;
  • For more than 6 years I am holding performance marketing courses;
  • Co-founder of the investors’ Club in Braşov, Romania,
  • I like to read and, due to this passion, I also have the 1cartepesaptamana.ro blog, a blog dedicated to the reading passionate, with more than 120,000 visitors each month;
  • I have attended tens of events and courses as speaker.

If you are interested about my activity, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

If you are passionate about the same things as me, let’s talk. You can find my contact data on this page.

Thank you!

Good luck with money!