40 Financial Advices you should never forget

Having a good financial life means to follow certain principles. In a previous article I wrote about the 23 most important principles of prosperity.

I will show you know a list of very important advices, simple and to the point, fundamental advices for our life which can be applied starting now.

Keep these advices in mind starting with this day. They are applicable in everyone’s life, both for poor people, as well as for people with lots of money in the bank.

40 Financial Advices you should never forget 

  1. Spend less than you earn.
  2. Save as much as you can.
  3. Never lose money.
  4. Plan ahead all expenses you make.
  5. Find a work you like.
  6. Stop impressing other people with your money.
  7. Do not borrow money unnecessarily.
  8. Have a simple life and consume less. Get rid of disorder.
  9. Try to earn more and invest wisely for a healthy financial life.
  10. Always use a budget for your financial life.
  11. Use each item you buy. Never buy items which are not useful to you.
  12. Control your buying urges.
  13. Spread the risks by diversifying investments.
  14. Stop wasting time.
  15. Family must be more important than money.
  16. Pay your debts on time.
  17. Always take care of your things.
  18. Never use a good opportunity to spend your money.
  19. Consume less and create more.
  20. Always remember that the most important things in life are: freedom, happiness, friendship and love.
  21. Teach your children to manage their money as early as possible.
  22. Set long term and short term objectives and then prioritize them.
  23. Do not earn illegal money.
  24. Health must come before money.
  25. Keep your money safe at bank, not under the mattress.
  26. Earn extra money if your family and health allow you to do it.
  27. Receive the education that makes you happy and grow your earnings potential.
  28. Always be careful when you make online transactions. Do not go shopping online from dubious websites.
  29. Always insure your health, house, car and life. Insurances keep your wealth safe.
  30. Involve your family in the financial decisions.
  31. Be fair when you pay your taxes. Do not avoid doing so.
  32. Manage your money alone, only you can do this the best way possible.
  33. Always have another beneficiary of your wealth. Do not let your money orphan after your death.
  34. Learn permanently, work hard, be a valuable employee, never get fired.
  35. Bee happy and productive at your job. The percentage of happy people between rich and poor is equal, therefore richness does not always bring happiness.
  36. Read in order to learn how to earn more, how to save better and how to spend more efficiently your money.
  37. Buy what you really need, not what you would like.
  38. Self-educate yourself permanently for a healthy financial life.
  39. You need money as long as you are alive, do not be a money-saving person all the time, give as much as you save.
  40. Do not forget: Time is money.

Simple advices which are easy to remember and even more easy to apply. Always think about them and you will ne financially successful.

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