How to save money? 10 practical ideas that will help you save more money

How to save money? I am sure that we have all asked ourselves this question each time we had money problems. Unfortunately, we have never thought about it until we had problems.

In order to save money, it is not necessarily for us to be in a difficult financial situation, we can save money even when we are doing well.

We can save money if we want to buy something valuable in the near future, or we can save money for critical moments.

Before starting to save money, we must set ourselves a target (an amount of money we want to save).

We cannot be successful if we do not have a target to push us from behind.

After we have set a target, we start thinking on how to save.

Here are the 10 ideas that will answer to the question: “How to save money?”

How to save money!

1. Think about the ration between what you want to buy (what you like to buy) and what you really need (necessity). Now think about all products you buy every day. Now answer the following questions:

  • Do I eat often at restaurant/fast food?
  • Can I resist without certain products which I do not really need, such as: coffee, cigarettes, candy, chocolate, soda/juice etc?
  • Do we really need the smart phone, tablet, plasma, laptop?
  • Do we really need more bank accounts?
  • Do we really need new clothes? Can I still use the last year’s clothes?

These are only a few questions you can answer while you analyse the ration between: what I like to buy and what I really need.

After that, you answer the question: Where can I cut expenses from?

You always cut from multiple places, because it will increase the chance of meeting your target.

2. Set a percentage to save out of the monthly income. Open a bank deposit which you fund monthly with the amount saved.

3. Use a personal budget. Try to keep under control all your expenses and income. Plan all your income and all your expenses at month start and try to observe them.

This will help you be more responsible more methodical and more efficient.

4. Pay your bills on time. This will help you get rid of other penalties than the invoiced amount.

5. You can call any wage increase money saved.

6. Try to use less water, electricity and natural gas. Do not let water run useless. Do not let the lights on if no one is in the room. Do not let the heating on if you leave the house for a long time.

If you are saving all these utilities, you are saving money.

Try to analyse your habit on energy and try to be as careful as possible, plus you help save the planet as well.

7. Save money from transport. Try not to use the car and use more the mass transportation, or even a bicycle. You can deposit the saved money in the bank deposit.

If you do not take the bus, try saving fuel.

8. Follow sales. Try to keep an eye on offers and buy only during sales. All the money you save while buying from sales you can put it in the bank deposit. An example would be: Black Friday.

9. Rent, do not buy. If there are certain expensive goods, try to rent if you do not need them on the long run. Buy only what you need, rent what you do not need for a long period of time. Think also about the possibility to borrow from friends and acquaintances.

Save the money you would pay for a new product for other occasions.

10. Each evening, think about the fact that you want to save money. This will help you remember and compel yourself not to make any useless expenses (those expenses that you like).

What idea is best for you?

Let me a comment down of the page.

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