10 lessons about money from Warren Buffett

After two articles where I talked about the most important quotes and books about investments of Warren Buffett, it is time to talk about the lessons about money that we can learn from him.

For this, I have prepared a brilliant infochart for you which I have recently found and which details 10 lessons about money which each of us must know starting today.

The 10 lessons taken from the infochart below are the following:

  1. Spend wisely;
  2. No one cares about your money as much as you do;
  3. Always do your homework. Be anchored in the economic reality each day;
  4. Overcome your fear of failure;
  5. Always think on long term;
  6. Always invest in quality business;
  7. Always hunt for the weakest economically periods in order to invest;
  8. Make decisions to invest based on how well money is being used by the company management;
  9. Be patient! Wait until everything is in your favour;
  10. Sell when the market is up. Buy when the market is going down.

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