Money is Important. Money is your Servant. Money must flow

Following a discussion at the radio from the other days I have started to think very much about what exactly this notion of “money” means for many people in this country.

I have seen many messages from many Romanians that were not very encouraging and I am sorry to hear these things.

I would like to talk a little about the 3 topics mentioned in the title and see if money is so bad.

Money has an extremely important role in our lives, even though many do not want to believe this aspect. We are happy when we earn money, but we are also very sad when we lose them. When someone asks us if money is important, many say no.

Before you say Yes or No, it is important to understand better what their role in our lives is and how important they are.

We want more money, we have this object, but we never asked ourselves the question why this money is important for us.

We can see quite often in our lives one of the most wrong mindsets in relation with the importance of money. There are people who always say that “Money is not important” or “money is everything for us” and so on.

I understand when you say that money is not important, but there are many people around us for whom it matters if we have or do not have money: if you want to take a loan, for retirement, for health, for family and so on.

We must understand that in the society we live in money is very important for a peaceful life.

My opinion is that health or family are more important, but money is needed for both. Family, education and health must come first among your priorities, but money help you keep them.

So, the argument that they are important is not absurd.

If we have reached the conclusion that they are very important for us, why don’t we give them a bigger attention?

Why don’t we learn to organise them properly and to know how can we make more money?

Why don’t we have a program to keep a record of them like we have the program to go to work or to go out?

Why don’t we learn to save and invest like we learn to play or like we learn a craft in order to go to work?

Why don’t we stop overspending like many of us are stopping when we eat too much?

These are questions we all must ask ourselves.

The problem is in the mindset, because many have embraces the NO and all they do is saying “I cannot spend too much”, “how much money do you have to tell me what to do?”, “I cannot earn more money”, “I have 3 children and I cannot come through” and so on.

After we learn how to pass over this mindset barrier, we will really start to know how to manage our money.

Money should be our servants. You can even call them friends, but I think it is best for them to be servants and to do whatever you want.

The important thing is for you not to end up in a situation where you care more about your money than you do about people. Unfortunately, this “disease” is often met in the poor people desperately trying to make more money and they end up “falling in love” with them.

You should never forget that money is your servant and you must control them to do exactly what you want. If you do not control them, they will end up controlling you without you even realising that.

Another “disease” we all have is that we will never see in a good light what people with money are doing. Unfortunately, this is also the fault of the political environment in our country and the way corruption has governed this country for so many years.

We always believe that those people stole or maybe they were lucky. I don’t want to talk about those who are stealing.

I want to deal with those who believe that having money is related to luck. “Marcel is rich because he was lucky his entire life”, yet he never won the lotto or gambled.

He simply knew how to organise himself so that he ends up rich/wealthy.

Having money is not about luck. It is about a lot of work, about mindsets, about the way in which you see life and how you answer to everything happening around you.

There are no shortcuts on your road to a prosperous life, nor luck. You make your luck by lots of work and effort.

After you end up having money, you must understand that they always need to flow. By flowing I don’t necessarily mean that when you have them, they must be spend up to the last penny.

By flowing I mean their distribution and the fact that you always have to figure out how can you multiply them in order to win more money.

We must invest more money in order to make more money and this is not possible if you keep your money in a savings account or if you take no risks.

In this endeavour the risk is unavoidable, but everything is about how much you risk and how much you want to win.

You don’t even need to get to the opposite side of this concept and be risk dependent to make these investments as a play.

The idea is that money must flow to make more money. It all depends on you now if you end up buying ASSETS or if you will buy liabilities that don’t bring you more money.

Learn from those who became rich. Watch them with different eyes and try to take only the best from them. You can set role models and, if you have initiative, you can contact then and ask how they are doing it. They will definitely help them.

Their financial flow is briefly shown in this article, but it is best to learn from their words.

All that is left for you to do is to believe harder in your strengths, to believe that money is not a bad thing and that we need them, to control them in your favour and to find out how can you multiply them.

All these are only up to you and to the change you accept or not in your life.

I hope that I have shown you some important things in this article and that I was of help.

It all depends on us to make our life more peaceful.

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