The 23 principles of prosperity

We all had and still have the idea of getting rich, of becoming millionaires, yet we never try to educate ourselves in that direction or to try to think as a millionaire.

To think as a millionaire does not necessarily mean to learn from multiple things, to read more or to go to many conferences, to think as a millionaire means to control your mind and to “get rid” of the habits that brought you where you are.

If the place you are right now is not success, than it is essential to acknowledge that the old ways of thinking and acting brought you exactly where you are right now.

The principles I will present to you now are taken from the book “Secrets of a millionaire mind”, written by T. Harv Eker, which I recommend you to buy and to study thoroughly each principle mentioned in this book.

The principles mentioned below are not all principles you can find in this book. I tried to select the most important and most interesting 23 principles of prosperity.

The 23 principles of prosperity

  1. Your revenue can grow only to the extent in which you intend to make in grow!
  2. Money is a result, wealth is a result, health is a result, sickness is a result, your weight is a result. We are living in a world dominated by the principle of cause and effect.
  3. Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings trigger actions. Actions determine results.
  4. The only method to permanently change the room temperature is to reset the temperature switch. In the same manner, the only method to “permanently” change your level of financial success is to reset your financial switch.
  5. Rich people think that “they are making their own life”. Poor people think that “life is happening”.
  6. Money is very important in the areas where it is working and it is useless in the areas where it has no influence.
  7. There is no person with victim behaviour who is actually rich.
  8. In the money game, rich people act to win. In the money game, poor people act not to lose.
  9. If your purpose is to live comfortably, it is very likely you will never get rich. But if you really want to get rich, you will definitely end up by living very comfortably.
  10. Rich people are determined to be rich. Poor people would like to be rich.
  11. The main reason why most people do not get what want is that they do not know what they want.
  12. Rich people think big. Poor people think small.
  13. Law of revenue: you will get paid directly proportional with the value you bring, in relation with the market.
  14. Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles.
  15. Rich people admire other rich, successful people. Poor people do not like rich and successful people.
  16. Rich people associate themselves with positive, successful people. Poor people associate themselves with unsuccessful people or with people with a negative attitude.
  17. Rich people promote their work and their own person. Poor people have a negative thinking about promotion and sale.
  18. Leaders earn much more money than the subordinates!
  19. Rich people overcome their problems. Poor people avoid problems.
  20. Rich people receive with ease. Poor people receive with difficulty.
  21. Rich people choose to be paid depending on results. Poor people prefer to be paid depending on time.
  22. Rich people focus on net value. Poor people focus on wage income.
  23. Rich people manage their money well. Poor people do not manage their money well.

If you want to study thoroughly each principle in this book, you can buy “Secrets of a millionaire mind” from HERE.

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