13 simple actions which help you save money!

When your financial status is good, you are more relaxed and happier.

I will share with you in this article some financial education tricks which I have applied and brought results, hoping they will help you too.

Here they are:

13 simple actions which help you save money!

1. Use cash. Instead of using your debit or credit card for shopping, choose to pay cash. This is an easier way you can keep track of the money available and you avoid the temptation to buy on credit, when your resources run out.

2. Save money weekly. Set an amount of money you can be deprived of and transfer it into a specially created account, every week. It is not necessary that the amount you choose to save is a large one, so that you do not end up in a financial difficulty, when you have to pay the utility bills or buy food.

Start with a small amount and if, at a certain moment, you can save more, increase the amount. Continue this process each week.

Occasionally, create a bank deposit, so that the money you save does not depreciate, but accumulate interest.

3. Eat at home, not in the city. When you go out, you usually spend more than necessary.

Eating at the restaurant, shopping at the nearby mall, stopping at the gas station to get some snacks; it is so easy to spend money when you are always on the roads.

Try, every time you have the opportunity, to stay at home, to eat with your family and to find free ways to have fun and to communicate with the most important persons in your life.

4. Make a 30 days list. Do you remember the pair of shoes you bought last year?

Yes, yes, the one you never wore. But you had to buy it, it was on sale!

If you know that you usually act on an impulse and when you see something you like you end up buying it, take this advice into consideration.

Mae a 2 columns list: one column to mention what exactly you really want to buy and the second column to write the date when you set your heart on that thing.

Each time you see something you like, write it on this list together with that date.

Look at the list after 30 days, at that item, and if you still feel that is very important for you to take that object, do it. But, usually, if you give yourself a 30 days thinking time for a product you want, this time period will be enough to change your mind regarding the fact that it is a “life and death” matter to have that thing.

5. Cook at home. There are a lot of recipes you can cook fast, that are tasty and healthy.

Not to mention the fact that you will save lots of money, buying the ingredients and not the already cooked food.

6. Take a home cooked meal at the job. Thus, you will make important savings each day and you will be healthier.

7. Do sports. Stay healthy by doing sports regularly, thus avoiding the unpleasant visits to the doctor; visits which, usually, considerably increase your expenses.

8. Use the envelopes system. Divide monthly expenses in: bills to be paid, food, gas and miscellaneous. Take few envelopes and write on each one a category of expenses.

Allocate a certain amount of money for each category of expenses and put the money in the envelope. What comes next is very simple: limit yourself to spending the money you have in each envelope. If you run out of money in an envelope, allocated for certain expenses, resist the temptation to “borrow”, by taking money out of another envelope.

9. Keep track of the income and expenses in an Excel. Allocate a column for each of the following information: Date, Transaction Description, Income, Expenses, Current Status.

The last field is extremely important as it shows all the time how much money you have left.

Here you can find a personal budget template.

10. Offer and lend. Give to your friends things that are not useful to you anymore, clothes, toys etc., and when you need something, send them an e-mail asking them if they have that thing.

If they have it and are not using it anymore, there are chances they will give it to you for free.

11. Make customised gifts. Gifts, besides the fact that they can be a real pain when you have to choose them, are also costing lots of money. Choose to create and to give your loved ones things made by you with care and love. Spend time with the important persons in your life and offer to help them when they need it and all these will count more than the most expensive gift in the world.

12. Educate your children financially. Make them understand the value of money, explain to them how can they save and teach them to cherish the things they have.

Thus, next time you go to the store with them, they will not pull you in all directions to buy them various things they see on the shelf.

13. You can be happy without spending a ton of money. There are persons who buy things, thinking that they will bring them happiness, so they are always looking for the newest gadget, the coolest car or a pair of shoes of a famous designer.

Yet, after you spend lots of money on that thing, you are happy a day or two, after which this feeling goes away and you are looking for another thing to buy. Thus, you are going into a vicious circle, out of which you will not get out quite alright.

Learn to love life, to enjoy everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Enjoy nature, meditate, go for walks and enjoy the loved ones.

There are so many things that can make us happy, it is really not necessary to think about expenses when we want to enjoy life.

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