10 things that will make you a lucky person

“Luck shows itself only to those who have the wisdom to look for it where they should.” – Butulescu

Luck is the result derived from the many events in your life and which, most likely, will bring you a benefit that can change your life.

I, for one, do not believe in pure luck, that something falls out of the sky, I believe that you make your own luck and you believe in each day.

My opinion is that anyone can have a lucky life, in which he/she has the most valuable assets, anyone can have a very good job and can be happy next to an accomplished family.

All these must be made by your hand, by your ambition and by your every day trust in yourself.

Hereafter I will show you 10 simple things which will make your life luckier starting tomorrow:

How to be a lucky person

1. Be communicative (sociable)

Most opportunities occur as a result of the relations established in the past. If you think a little at most of the events and projects you took part in the past, that happened because someone invited you. To have acquaintances (friends) is the best thing in order to be lucky in the future.

Always try to grow your group of friends and to make yourself known, because this will bring you multiple benefits in the future.

Advice: At the beginning, it is more important to have more friends than to have more money and no friends next to you. True friends cannot be bought.

From now on, start being more sociable by doing the following simple things:

  • Go and make friends with all your neighbours, try to make yourself known in the neighbourhood;
  • Make an account (if you have none) on the social networks and develop your own personal brand;
  • Stop standing behind. Place yourself in front, so that everyone sees you and make yourself noticed by your contribution;
  • Never eat alone. Call someone you can talk to. I know it is difficult, but you can try;
  • Never expect someone makes the first step. Introduce yourself first and open a conversation.

2. Never get into a desperate situation of having debts

To have debts is one of the most risky and most difficult situations in our life. Try not to make any debts, or, if you have no other choice, try to borrow from someone who puts no pressure on you.

Having debts = prison/enclosure. Not having debts = freedom.

3. Always have a reasonable amount of money on you

Having money on you is very important these days. You never know when a moment comes and you need some money and if you do not have them, you can immediately lose something you really wanted.

The money you always carry on you can help you in the following situations:

You run out of gas in a place far from a gas station;

You buy products on sale. There are moments when stores have sales for only a few hours per day. If you are in the right place at the right time, you can take advantage of them.

You can help those around you if they are in trouble;

They can get you out of lots of trouble.

4. Have trust in yourself that you will do something important

In my opinion, this should be the most important thing when it comes to the luck of a person. Luck is a phenomenon which can be influenced very much by the one who wants it.

If you trust yourself from this moment and everything you do from now on is full of enthusiasm, without criticism towards yourself, with a positive thinking, I am convinced that from that moment on your life will radically change for the better.

5. Help others when they need help

Many times, luck comes when you need it and the best way to beneficiate from solving a need is to help yourself someone when they need that luck. That person will consider you their luck.

If you are open towards helping and you want to help those around you, there will definitely be many others in the future that will help you and make you a lucky person.

But most importantly is to help someone without expecting a favour in return.

6. Always have a notepad and a pen on you

I find that all my best ideas come to my mind when I am in traffic or somewhere away from home or office. I move on thinking that I will remember, but this definitely does not happen.

Thus, from now on, I always have a notepad and a pen on me when I go out.

If you do not want to carry too much on you, your mobile phone can help as well, but if you are at an event or training, it is likely that you will not have the time to write on your phone all the ideas that come to your mind.

Always have a notepad and a pen on you.

7. Establish relations with as many persons as possible having the same interests as you

Knowing many people who have the same interests as you can help you in respect of your professional luck.

If you have a subject you are passionate about, find persons who are like you and develop a community with them, share all your knowledge with them, help them grow, always be an active person.

If they see you as a person who changed their luck, I am convinced that they will change yours as well.

8. When you need something, use the social network before buying blindly

If you want to buy something valuable, try to get recommendations. Never buy blindly, because it will make you believe you have bad luck.

Take into consideration your friends recommendations and I am convinced that you will always be lucky when it comes to buying something.

9. Read a book

In my opinion, any book helps you develop yourself in a way. It helps you educate yourself and be a better person as the days pass. Good people are drawing luck on their side.

Book = Luck

On this topic, I recommend you to read also Florin’s article, 25 reasons to read good books.

If you have decided to read, I recommend you some cheap and good books which will change your life for the better.

10. Get involved in your community development

It will bring you many friends, acquaintances, but also much satisfaction. When we make a good deed from our own initiative and without asking something in return, that good deed will return to us tenfold. We are winning on the other hand.

I am glad you have reached the end!

This is quite a long article, but I hope all these ideas will help you live a longer and luckier life.

Tell me your opinion about the article below.

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